Kale digitalises IGA with cargo community system

Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) will be the first airport in Türkiye to digitalise cargo data exchange by using an Airport Cargo Community System from Kale Logistics Solutions.

Picture copyright: Murat Germen for IGA

The platform, Airport Kargo Paydaş Platformu (KPP), is being developed by Kale and will be implemented at IGA in collaboration with TroyNet.

KPP will facilitate end-to-end digitalisation, enhancing efficiency, streamlining procedures and automating communication for stakeholders at the airport.

Selahattin Bilgen, Deputy CEO of IGA, says, “We want to take our place in the sector as one of the world's most important global transfer centres and with this system, we will encourage digital trade, facilitate business, and establish a digital infrastructure to ensure that cargo moves faster at the least possible cost.”

The platform will offer IGA’s operators and community including agents, transporters, cargo handling companies, airlines, Customs and security agencies with access to cargo-related information on one common platform.

Vineet Malhotra, Director and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions, says, “Our next-gen ACS is transforming İGA’s cargo operations with tech agility by supporting seamless customer experience, and optimising value chains for airports and nations at large.”

The integration will reduce cargo lead times, speed up processing, reduce costs and improve asset utilisation for stakeholders.

Dr Emre Serpen, Chief Executive of TroyNet, says, “We are very pleased with İGA’s decision to implement this project with our partner Kale, and we look forward to KPP making a positive contribution to all stakeholders by enabling air cargo and logistics sector growth.”