LATAM Cargo and Maria Flowers offset CO2 emissions

LATAM Cargo has helped Maria Flowers to offset CO2 emissions for its flower shipments through the 1+1 Offset to Conserve programme.

Through the programme, the flower importer has offset almost 1,300 tons of CO2 emissions through conservation projects in South America.

Maria Flowers has offset its CO2 emissions for all its flower shipments with LATAM Group cargo subsidiaries, making it the first flower client to participate in the programme.

In 2023, Maria Flowers transported over 1,300 tons of flowers from Colombia and Ecuador to Miami and compensated 648 tons of CO2 through the programme with the other 50% being covered by LATAM Group’s cargo subsidiaries.

Cristina Onate, VP Marketing and Product Development at LATAM Cargo Chile, says, “As part of the commitment to sustainability through the '1+1 Offset to Conserve' programme, we collaborate with clients to conserve some of the world's most relevant ecosystems, making a positive impact on the environment. We thank María Flowers for joining this initiative and promoting more sustainable practices in the flower industry in South America.”

Felipe Villamizar, President of Maria Flowers, adds, “We are excited to take this important step towards sustainability for the floriculture sector thanks to this excellent carbon offset programme created by LATAM Group. For Maria Flowers Inc. it is a great honour to be LATAM Cargo's first sustainability partner in the floriculture sector.”

Projects are designed to provide environmental and social value in Colombia, Chile and Peru with projects including CO2BIO to protect floodable savannas in the Orinoco region of Colombia, the Cururos Wind Farm in Chile to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources, and the Nii Kaniti Community Forest Management in the Amazon Rainforest in Ucayali, Peru to prevent deforestation and ecosystem degradation through sustainable community forest management.