LATAM Cargo freighter fleet grows to 19 aircraft

LATAM Cargo has taken delivery of its third Boeing 767-300BCF of the year, taking its freighter fleet to 19 aircraft.

The latest freighter will start work by providing capacity for cherry exports from Chile in the final quarter of this year then increase capacity for Colombia and Ecuador during the Valentine’s Day flower season.

After that, the freighter will help LATAM Cargo expand long-haul operations from North America and Europe to South America.

In 2021, LATAM Group announced its fleet expansion plan resulting in converting 8 passenger aircraft into freighters, giving LATAM 70% more cargo capacity than before the pandemic.

LATAM Cargo says the B767-300BCF is the perfect aircraft due to its efficiency, versatility and size.

Gudny Genskowsky, SVP of Network and Alliances for Cargo at LATAM says the new arrival reflects LATAM Cargo’s commitment to provide sustainable, long-term operations and provide reliable services for imports and exports.

Genskowsky says, “At the same time, we considered the inherent volatility of air cargo and thus focused on efficiency, diversification, and flexibility. While the industry faces challenging times, we are pleased to have access to this new aircraft to take advantage of opportunities in the territory.”