Maastricht Aachen starts runway renovation work

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Maastricht Aachen Airport has started renovation work on its runway as part of its €100 million infrastructure investment plan.

The airport is investing over €35 million in upgrading the runway between May and June in anticipation of extending its operational length to 2,750 metres by January 2025.

Jos Roeven, CEO of the Maastricht Aachen Airport says the airport has much to offer the Dutch air cargo community as it has no slot restrictions and has a significant infrastructure investment programme.

He says, “We are CEIV-Pharma certified and the preferred station for flower imports into the Netherlands, as well as specialising in handling dangerous goods and e-commerce, and we will be focusing on further developing our facilities with this investment.

“There is a fantastic opportunity in the current market for regional airports to step up for the cargo industry and help drive a more sustainable future for freight, whilst at the same time creating job opportunities for our local communities.”

Maastricht Aachen is the European base for Turkish Cargo and Royal Jordanian, and is an online station for Emirates, Qatar Airways and Saudia Cargo.

It has no slot restrictions, it offers full Fifth Freedom of The Air rights and has its own MRO facilities.