National Airlines flies drinking water to Mississippi

North America Airlines
National Airlines has donated and transported hundreds of cases of drinking water to Jackson, Mississippi to aid residents who have been left without safe running water.

Due to flooding, the city, which is home to 150,000 people, was left without safe drinking water because the main water treatment facility failed.

The airline used an Airbus A330-200, which was transporting a prominent school band and their equipment from Fort Lauderdale to Jackson, and the remaining luggage space was used to transport bottled water.

Transporting aid is important to National, says Christopher Alf, Chairman of National Air Cargo Holdings, saying, “Be it Covid-19 medical supplies or essential supplies during natural calamities, National Airlines aircraft airlifts supplies to the most affected areas for timely distribution. The recent efforts to bring drinking water to Jackson, is yet another opportunity for us to serve people when in dire need.”

Flooding of the Pearl River has caused pumps at the Jackson water treatment plant to fail, decreasing the water supply to households.

State officials and voluntary organisations are coordinating efforts to distribute drinking water until the problem is resolved.