SkyCell launches SkyMind DECARBONIZE CO2 calculator

SkyCell has launched a free carbon calculator, SkyMind DECARBONIZE, to help companies calculate and track their CO2 footprint and identify areas for improvement.

Based on a study by MIT University’s Center for Transportation and Logistics, SkyMind DECARBONIZE sets a new standard for monitoring emissions.

SkyCell will also launch a paid service helping pharma companies and their suppliers to achieve their scope 3 reduction targets through education and consultancy services, which uses the AI-powered learning system SkyMind to deliver insights and best practices in reducing scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

The freemium CO2 calculator simplifies the reporting process so companies can track emissions and optimise shipping routes to minimise their environmental impact.

Companies can calculate their CO2 footprint across all Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes and quantifies the reduction potential across fleet, buildings, packaging and investments.

The freemium service is aimed at smaller companies and the paid service is aimed at larger companies.

As part of the SkyMind platform, it can simulate the cost, risk and CO2 footprints of lanes on all modes of transport and track improvements.

SkyMind was launched to enhance operational control and save costs by streamlining processes, maximising efficiency and minimising unnecessary expenses associated with handling and storing ULDs, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

Richard Ettl, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyCell, says he founded the company with Nico Ros with people, planet and profits in mind, and called Ros one of Switzerland’s sustainability pioneers.

He says, “Nico designed some of the most sustainable buildings, insulation materials and software to reduce CO2 emissions. With this more than 10 years head start we started to apply this to pharma logistics. The result: SkyCell containers, SkyMind software and now SkyMind DECARBONIZE, our free software to help pharma and logistic companies calculate and simulate their supply chains to make better decisions.”

Nico Ros, Co-Founder and CTO, adds that sustainability has moved away from being nice to have to being essential, which he saw in the construction industry 10 years ago.

He says, “That’s why we have created software that everyone can use, based on the latest calculation methods from MIT. It helps companies fulfil upcoming regulatory requirements like reporting and serves as a tool to make the right decisions, so that CO2 is not calculated at the end of the year, but is calculated on a daily basis to make decisions for cost, risk and CO2.”