Wexco to provide DHL Aviation with GSSA services

Asia Pacific Airlines GSAs
Wexco Group and Wexco NZ will represent DHL Aviation as GSSAs for all air cargo sales in Australia and New Zealand.

The ECS Group subsidiaries will start managing DHL Aviation’s services from 1 December, managing a total of 45 flights a week with 26 from Australia and 19 from New Zealand.

DHL Aviation connects Australia and New Zealand with international destinations including Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Bahrain, the USA and various European locations.

The Australian schedule connects Melbourne with Singapore 5 times per week, Sydney with Singapore 7 times a week, 5 Melbourne – Auckland – Christchurch rotations and 6 Sydney – Auckland – Christchurch flights a week.

Out of New Zealand, services from Christchurch go to Sydney via Auckland 6 times a week and to Melbourne 5 times a week, connecting with intra-Australian road services where necessary.

Perishables, general cargo and e-commerce make up much of the cargo both for imports and exports.

Richard Valenzuela, General Manager of Wexco, says, “With 550 tons of capacity to be filled each week, often with shipments requiring meticulous planning and expertise, our Wexco teams are able to demonstrate what they do best while playing a key part in DHL Aviation’s regional and international success.”

Nathan Vellasamy, Vice President at DHL Aviation, Air Capacity Sales, Asia Pacific, adds, “Wexco has a proven track-record as a highly professional, digitally advanced and unique GSSA and, as part of ECS Group, is another solid link in our well-functioning international partnership. We look forward to an excellent 2024 and beyond.”