WorkJam helps WFS improve employee development

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) has picked WorkJam to improve employee retention and development and to provide the tools to deliver successful digital transformation.

WorkJam has been rolling out its solution since with WFS in the UK since the first quarter of 2023 to provide employees with a voice, remove shadow systems and processes, and enhance employee retention by offering universal access to the right tools, information flow and development plans and onboarding.

The solution has been chosen as WFS seeks new ways to communicate directly with frontline staff in order to provide up-to-date information and offer employee feedback and simplify standard in-house procedures and operating practices such as pay slip delivery, wage negotiations and union information.

Paul Carmody, Managing Director UK at WFS, says, “As a business, we have been seeking new ways to connect with our frontline teams. Our people are the heart of our business. But without the right communication tools, it can be difficult to build employee engagement, instil the right culture, and provide the necessary support to enable individual development. WorkJam not only shares our ethos and emphasis on the value of employee communication and engagement but can provide the scalable solution that holds the potential to deliver tangible benefits to the business.”

David Rogers, Vice President of Sales EMEA at WorkJam, adds, “Focusing on the business' main objectives of improving two-way communication and enhancing employee learning, we were able to create an insight-driven offer into best practices, and map solutions using the WorkJam platform. Our ultimate aim is to provide a value-driven proposition for WFS's UK workforce, which will allow existing solutions to be retired, and the new solution to be scaled across to the client's global frontline employees, to ensure happy and engaged employees.”